Part of the entrance fee, international visitor visa fees will be deducted from the Tourism Development Assistance Fund from early 2018.
On the afternoon of June 19 with 438 deputies voted (equivalent to 89.21%), Congress passed the Law on Tourism (amended).
Report explaining, receiving opinions of National Assembly deputies on the source of the Tourism Development Fund, Mr. Phan Thanh Binh – Chairman of the Committee for Culture, Education, Youth and Children said, it is suggested to study carefully the source of this fund so as not to create additional burden for businesses and tourists.
After consultations with government agencies, the National Assembly Standing Committee requests the National Assembly to allow supplementary income from "part of the entrance fee, visa fee and related documents of entry into Vietnam for foreigners "into the revenue sources of the Tourism Development Assistance Fund. The procedures for additional allocation shall comply with the law on the state budget.
Regarding revenues from businesses and tourists, the Standing Committee of the National Assembly said that if the compulsory contributions from tourists using the current accommodation services are not legal basis and not in accordance with international practice.
On the other hand, when traveling, guests have to pay service charges to business enterprises in this field and related fields. After that, the travel business has fulfilled obligations to the State through the tax payment.
Regarding the travel business, it is suggested to reconsider the condition that business people have to make collateral, because in practice this regulation has not been effective, causing difficulties in capital, affecting the competitiveness of enterprise.
According to the Standing Committee of the National Assembly, travel business services are a conditional business line because of the potential risk to lives, health and morals of visitors. (tour to Laos)
On the other hand, the majority of countries in the world stipulate that travel business enterprises must pay a deposit to cover the obligation to compensate tourists for loss of life, health and moral or in case of bankruptcy.
In addition, in the opinion that the contract provisions must be written is backward, the Standing Committee of the National Assembly said that the draft Law on travel contract is committed in writing is completely consistent in accordance with the Civil Code, current law and suitable for the real.
Turning around arguing whether or not an international tourist guide must have a university degree in tourism, the law stipulates that international tourist guides only need a college degree in tourism, according to Mr. Binh, the system of colleges of tourism is sufficient to meet the requirements of international tour guides.
Moreover, the stipulation of the qualifications of international tourist guides as draft law in accordance with the current strategy of training in Vietnam, meet the demand for quantity as well as quality of tour guide in the coming time.
With regard to the proposal to remove the 3cm x 4cm color portrait taken within 6 months to the time of filing "because it is too detailed and has no grounds to verify the time taken to photograph", after considering the matter, the Standing Committee of the National Assembly has justified the regulation on the size of the image (3x4cm), without stipulating the time limit for taking photos into the draft law.

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